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See below for Events and Programs in Brewerytown. For these and other events and programs, stop in to the Greater Brewerytown CDC at 30th and Master Streets to find out about event details, and register for classes and events.

After School Programs
Please come in to the Greater Brewerytown CDC to register for the after school programs.
Friday is Computer Day at the Community Center from 3:30PM to 6PM, and register for the Summer Food and Arts and Crafts for kids program. Summer program is Monday through Friday 9am to 1pm.


If you’re looking for tutoring at an extraordinary company,  Tutoring is the place for you! 
Studies show that tutoring at any age develops critical thinking skills that can be applied to all areas of study. When using and developing these critical thinking skills, students develop basic understanding while also learning how to become critical problem solvers.
The ability to think critically is one of the most important skills of any student. To be able to understand, analyze, and criticize information forms the roots of every academic discipline. Tutoring develops these skills. We have no shortage of problems in our schools, our communities, and our country. We do have a shortage of problem solvers.

Technology Lab
The technology lab is online! Come in to utilize one of our many computers – apply for a job, conduct research or do your homework. The Lab is open every day from…

Refurbished Computers for Sale
The CDC refurbishes and sells desktop computers at the very low price of $100.00. Stop in and check out what we have!

Fundraiser Raffle – New HP Computer
A brand new HP desktop computer will be raffled off at the CDC Community Meeting on May 12th. Tickets are $1 each or 6 tickets for $5.00. Please come in to the CDC to purchase a raffle ticket ASAP, they’re going fast!

Entrepreneur Workshop
This is BIG – and definitely not something that you will want to
miss if you are looking to begin a whole new career! We have media partnerships in place to make this one outstanding opportunity.
If you want to increase your odds, then attend- it is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression

Brewerytown Baskestball Team
Winter league. More details to follow.

Sew What! Project
The Sew What! Project teaches children the basics of sewing including everything from cutting to hand-sewing garments. By learning to sew, your child will learn to sort, count, and measure in addition to developing their hand and eye coordination to trace patterns. By using their hands, children more fully integrate learning experiences. Sewing, and other kinds of handwork extend the benefits of Practical Life work for the older child. Children will continue to develop fine motor skills and concentration, while building self-confidence with successful experiences that come from completing projects. There are several courses offered for different age groups. Come in to the Greater Brewerytown CDC to find out more and register for classes now!

Youth Christmas Party

Tree Lighting Celebration

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